Está un poco cansado de su viaje

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Está un poco cansado de su viaje, pero es muy bonito.  (Spanish) He is a little tired from  traveling, but is still very fine. Están esperando.  (Spanish) They are waiting. Estás bienvenido aquí.  (Spanish) You are welcome here. Factura  (Spanish) registered papers. Forefooted  here roping the forefoot and thus tossing it to the ground. Also used in calf roping. Gabachos  (Spanish) derogatory for French person; derived from "gabacha," meaning "apron." Gachupines  (Spanish) lower-class Mexicans whose speech has a twang. gaited rack  a little trot. A good saddle horse can perform two walks, two trots, a rack, two lopes or 
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Unformatted text preview: canters, as well as a gallop. gerente (Spanish) manager. Good Book the Christian Bible. grail object of endeavor. The holy grail was the cup Jesus drank from at the Last Supper and the object of the knights' medieval quests (searches or journeys). greenbroke horses horses barely rideable and not yet completely trained. "Green," not matured yet. Grullo a black horse with white hairs mixed in so that it looks charcoal gray. güeros (Spanish) fighter. gunsel goose or criminal. gyp water containing gypsum and, thus, calcium. Hace much frío (Spanish) It is very cold....
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