Forgoing polite preliminaries

Forgoing polite preliminaries - Forgoing polite...

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Unformatted text preview: Forgoing polite preliminaries, Strether comes straight to the point with Chad: "I've come . . . to make you break with everything . . . and take you straight home." Strether is uneasy and concerned because Chad "had been made over. That was all; whatever it was it was everything . . . it was perhaps a specialty of Paris." Strether speaks of Mrs. Newsome's wishes and includes himself by saying, "we want you to break." Chad is aware that Strether is engaged to his mother and views Strether's mission as "bringing me home in triumph as a sort of wedding-present to Mother." Strether continues to be impressed with Chad's changed appearance and manner: His features seem drawn with a cleaner line, his voice toned, his demeanor polished; it was as if Chad had been "put into a firm mould and turned successfully out." His face is "that of a man of the world . . . into a firm mould and turned successfully out....
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