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Hacendados  (Spanish) head or owner of the hacienda. Hacienda de Nuestra Senora de la Purisima Concepcion  (Spanish) Hacienda of Our Lady of the  Pure Conception. hackamore  a horse bridle that has no bit and uses a rope fitting around the top of the horse's nose,  about four inches up from the muzzle. Knots at the side of the nose attach to the reins. The horse is  controlled because, when the reins are pulled, the hackamore shuts off the horse's air by tightening  around the nose. The side knots, if positioned carefully, can also press sensitive nerves to help  control the horse. Without extra equipment, John Grady and Rawlins are fashioning this bridle so  that Blevins can still ride bareback. Hackamore  a nose-fitting bridle without a bit. Hamley Formfitter saddle  Hamley was a respected and prominent saddle maker of the era before 
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Unformatted text preview: and during the novel. The term "formfitter" designated a type of saddle where the cantle (the swells at the rear of the saddle) were very high and almost tight fitting, making it more difficult for the rider to fall out of the saddle. However, if the saddle was not custom fitted to the owner, it might have been too difficult for the rider to get into or out of the saddle. Hay dieciseis caballos en el potrero. (Spanish) There are sixteen horses in the corral. Hay un cordón. (Spanish) There is a cord. Hice una manda (Spanish) I have made a promise. Hombres del país (Spanish) Men of the country. huevos revueltos (Spanish) scrambled eggs. Ixtle rope made from a type of agave plant. javelina wild pig....
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