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hop it  [Brit. slang] move along quickly. Iron Cross  a prestigious German military decoration. johnnies  [British] any men or boys. Kaiser  Wilhelm, or William II (1859–1941), emperor of Germany and king of Prussia (1888–1918),  whose ambitions led Germany into a fruitless and costly war. La guerre — grand malheur — pauvres garçons  [French] The war — great unhappiness — poor  boys. latrine poles  poles that serve as toilet seats above holes dug to contain human excrement. listening post  an advanced, concealed position near the enemy's lines, for detecting the enemy's  movements by listening. Löhne  a city in the western part of Germany.
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Unformatted text preview: lorries [British] motor trucks. Lycurgus real or legendary Spartan lawgiver of about the 9th century B.C. mantilla a woman's scarf, as of lace, worn over the hair and shoulders. mess-tin the compactly arranged metal plates and eating utensils carried by a soldier for use in the field; sometimes also referred to as mess kit or mess gear. misere ouverte an open discussion of hardship. morphia morphine, a bitter, white or colorless, crystalline narcotic alkaloid derived from opium and used in medicine to relieve pain. munition-columns narrow lines of soldiers accompanying artillery to the front....
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  • latrine poles poles, German military decoration, quickly. Iron Cross, legendary Spartan lawgiver, compactly arranged metal

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