In stave II

In stave II - In stave II Crane bathes his five stanzas in...

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Unformatted text preview: In stave II, Crane bathes his five stanzas in generous sibilance, as in "bells off San Salvador / Salute the crocus lustres of the stars." His choice of "rimless" and "unfettered" captures a tyrannic force that refuses to be contained or tamed. He balances the sea's willfulness with a divinity enhanced by "processioned," "diapason knells," and "scrolls of silver," which set a liturgical scene of advancing worshippers, organ swells, and scriptural readings. He takes heart in the timeless motion of the deep, which he equates with paradise. The third stave whirls images in a technique peculiar to Crane. With a brief nod to Shakespeare's "sea change," a phrase from The Tempest, the poet, like a suppliant before majesty, makes his formal request, "Permit me voyage." The notion of the petitioner persists in the sixth stave, a prayer to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of...
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