internal rhyme rhymed words within a poetic line

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internal rhyme  rhymed words within a poetic line. irony  an implied discrepancy between the actual event or statement and what is meant. juvenilia  literary works produced by an immature author. lyricism  strikingly emotional verse that flows like a melody. magical realism  free association of whimsy, dream, and fantasy with realistic detail. masculine rhyme  an arrangement of stresses ending on an accented syllable. metaphor  an implied comparison of unlike objects or thoughts. meter  the pattern of stressed and unstressed beats in poetry to form a rhythm. The five standard  meters are iambic (-'), trochaic ('-), dactylic ('––), anapestic (––'), and spondaic (''). The number of  feet in a line gives a name to the rhythm, as in monometer, dimeter, trimeter, tetrameter, pentameter, 
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Unformatted text preview: and hexameter. mood the controlling atmosphere of a work, which may be tense, uplifting, sad, or a blend of atmospheres. motif an obvious pattern of events, characters, or themes. naturalism a type of literary study that depicts humans as animals controlled by heredity and environment, but not by supernatural forces or gods. octave a set of eight lines of verse; an octet. ode a lengthy ceremonial stanza that studies a single dignified subject and theme. onomatopoeia an echo word or phrase that imitates the sound it represents, as with gurgle, thump, hum, and snort. paean a tribute or praise song. tone the author's attitude toward a work and its audience — for example, cynical, earnest, or objective. vignette a brief scenario....
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