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Unformatted text preview: Jack's search for something disreputable about Judge Irwin covered approximately seven months, ending with his visit to Miss Littlepaugh in Memphis in March 1937. Chapter Six overlaps Chapter Five: that is, part of the action described in Chapter Six is concurrent with Jack's search, and the thematic emphases of the two chapters are similar. Anne and Adam Stanton, however, become much more centrally prominent, and Willie Stark has a greater role than he has had for several chapters. Willie Stark exhibits several sides of his personality that have only been hinted at earlier in the novel. On one hand, business in the capitol is as usual, as Jack and others use information and threats to hush a potential scandal concerning Tom Stark and the young woman who was with him when he wrecked his sports car. When the girl's father, who owns a trucking firm, threatens to raise a ruckus, wrecked his sports car....
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