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Jack2 - Jack of course is given the task of convincing Adam...

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Unformatted text preview: Jack, of course, is given the task of convincing Adam to accept the position. The governor's assignment becomes a mandate when Anne Stanton tells Jack that he must make Adam take the job — no matter what it requires. Adam Stanton is, as Jack points out to Anne, a romantic, a man who believes that at some time in the past men acted unselfishly and for high-minded purposes. These men were moral and uncorrupted, and Adam wants to be the same kind of man and to act from the same kinds of motives; Adam is not interested in wealth or the trappings of wealth; his fees are low, and he lives in a poor neighborhood, with his only luxury being a fine piano that he plays very well. He is not ambitious, nor is he interested in power or fame, for he has not spoiled himself materialistically, nor has he tried to make a name for himself (nevertheless, he is known around the country as an...
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