Jack has withdrawn into himself

Jack has withdrawn into himself - Jack has withdrawn into...

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Unformatted text preview: Jack has withdrawn into himself, refusing to reach out to others. To a large extent, his withdrawal is the result of three emotional traumas which he has suffered. He loved his father (the Scholarly Attorney), and he felt secure with him, but Ellis Burden withdrew from him without a word, not even a goodbye. He loved his mother and wanted her to cherish him, but she sent him away to school, and she married a succession of men. He fell in love with Anne Stanton and felt loved by her, but she withdrew from him. Jack is afraid — al-though he may not be aware of it — that he will be hurt again if he allows his emotions full rein, if he becomes involved with another person. Beneath his self-constructed shell of cynicism and indifference, however, Jack is a vulnerable and even a caring human being, but it takes a series of jolts to jar him out of the cocoon he has built...
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