John Grady says

John Grady says - John Grady says"You dont get to go...

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Unformatted text preview: John Grady says, "You dont get to go back and pick some time when the trouble started and then lay everthing off on your friend." What John Grady is saying is that luck and fate also play their parts in the way events come to pass. We can clearly see this: If Blevins had just been satisfied to have his horse and not want to go back again to retrieve his pistol, if the great-aunt had wielded her power with more sympathy, if the father had not been so passive about his daughter and a young man he really likes, if the two boys had had papers on their own horses, all would be different. Instead, they have to endure the horrible prison at Saltillo and learn the most terrible lessons the journey brings them. Rawlins says he never could imagine there was a place like the prison, and both of them are shocked at the inhumane way Blevins is treated. The young American cowboys are both of them are shocked at the inhumane way Blevins is treated....
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