Lambert Strether

Lambert Strether - Lambert Strether an American widower of...

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Unformatted text preview: Lambert Strether, an American widower of fifty-five, arrives at his hotel in Chester, England, where he is to meet his old friend, Waymarsh. Strether, a "lean . . . slightly loose figure of a man" with glasses, full but graying hair, and a thick, dark moustache "of characteristically American cut," is somewhat relieved at finding his friend has not yet arrived: "there was little fear that . . . they shouldn't see enough of each other." Inquiring at the desk about Waymarsh, he is overheard by a woman who strikes up a conversation with him, saying that she is acquainted with Waymarsh. They talk, "having accepted each other with an absence of preliminaries," and she quickly puts Strether at ease. As they stroll in the garden of the hotel, Strether feels himself launched in something "quite disconnected from the sense of his past." The woman's name is Maria Gostrey; she is thirty-five, her disconnected from the sense of his past....
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