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Unformatted text preview: Like the Pythia, one of a series of Apollo's priestesses who prophesied to seekers in obscure and rambling visions, the artist creates from fragments, which H. D. describes as the slow outpouring of lava from the split surface of a volcano. She exalts inspiration as "Apocryphal fire" and links it to the vicissitudes of history, the dipping floor and swaying earth that bewilder and bedevil the individual. Bemused by creativity, she questions why she survived the challenge of purification to become a spokesperson for the arts. Cantos 2 and 3 continue the poet's immersion in mythic figures with a contemplation of the duality of inspiration. By "[searching] the old highways," the seeker contrives "the right-spell" and retrieves the good from history that "brings life to the living." The intricacy of the self-limiting shell a metaphor for H. D.'s periods of seclusion leads to an The intricacy of the self-limiting shell a metaphor for H....
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