Madame de Vionnet

Madame de Vionnet - Madame de Vionnet whom Strether here...

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Unformatted text preview: Madame de Vionnet, whom Strether here compares to "a goddess still partly engaged in a morning cloud," joins Strether and Miss Barrace and asks her tactfully to leave in order to ask Strether a question: "Why has Maria so suddenly gone?" Strether explains that Maria has gone south to see a sick friend, but Madame de Vionnet is sure that Maria has left to avoid seeing her: "She doesn't want to meet me again." To Strether's relief, she then changes the subject and shortly after leaves. Strether then has a long conversation with Little Bilham, which begins with Strether's telling him that he should think seriously about marrying Jeanne de Vionnet. Bilham feels he has no chance, considering the family, and adds, "Besides, there's Chad." Even though Chad is not in love with Jeanne, Bilham knows that Chad will have a say in whatever arrangements are made for her...
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