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Maria arrives in Paris

Maria arrives in Paris - Maria arrives in Paris and...

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Unformatted text preview: Maria arrives in Paris, and Strether goes immediately to see her: "she was the blessing that had now become his need." He tells her that he has made friends with Little Bilham and invites her to meet him. "Haven't you been seeing what there's to protest about?" she asks, referring to Strether's mission. "I haven't yet found a single thing," Strether says. Maria meets Bilham at the Louvre and, after the first exchange, whispers to Strether that Bilham is "all right — he's one of us!" The next day, Strether and Maria visit Bilham at his own apartment, where they meet several of Bilham's artist-friends — "ingenuous compatriots," Strether thinks them. Maria tells Strether that she will reserve final judgment on Bilham until she has seen him again. She invites Strether and Waymarsh to accompany her to a performance at the theater and suggests...
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