Me toma el pelo

Me toma el pelo - mesteños (Spanish) mustangs. Mexican...

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Me toma el pelo.  (Spanish) He/she fools me (pulls my hair). Mecates  lead ropes that attach to the horse halter, used in training or leading the horse; here, made  of hair. media sangres  (Spanish) medium bloods, or quarterhorses. Horses can be warm bloods or cold  bloods as well. Cold bloods are European draft or work horses. Arabians, Barbs, and thoroughbreds  are hot bloods. Mejor que nunca  (Spanish) Better than ever. melcocchas and charamuscas  (Spanish) taffy(s) and candy twists. Mescal  strong Mexican liquor, often known for a worm in the bottom of the bottle.
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Unformatted text preview: mesteños (Spanish) mustangs. Mexican ringbit a Mexican spade bit with a ring under the mouth; very hard on a horse's mouth. Mochila (Spanish) pack or knapsack. mojado-reverso (Spanish) rebel, contrary. Mozo (Spanish) young servant. muy amable (Spanish) very kind. Ándale pues (Spanish) Well, let's go. No fui yo (Spanish) It wasn't me. No lo mire a él. Te lo digo yo. Ándale. (Spanish) Don't look at him. I tell you. Go forward. No me mate (Spanish) Don't kill me. No tengo. (Spanish) I have none...
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