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nap short for napoleon - parachute star-shell a parachute...

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nap  short for napoleon, a card game similar to euchre. napkin  [British] a diaper. 98 rifle  an upgraded Mauser rifle, which was safer and easier to use than earlier models. Adopted by  the German military command in 1898, it had a 29-inch barrel and a five-round magazine. No Man's Land  the unoccupied region separating opposing armies. non-com  [Informal] a noncommissioned officer; an enlisted person of any of various grades in the  armed forces. nose-cap  the metal tip of an explosive device. observation-balloons  the enemy's method of locating the dugouts of soldiers and assaulting them  with grenades and light firearms. old buffer  [Slang] old fellow. one mark twenty pfennig  the mark and the pfennig are monetary units of Germany.
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Unformatted text preview: parachute star-shell a parachute carrying a light to illuminate troop movements in the dark. parade-ground soldiering ceremonial formation in dress uniforms. parapet a wall or bank used to screen troops from frontal enemy fire. pill-box a low, enclosed gun emplacement of concrete and steel. pince-nez eyeglasses without temples, kept in place by a spring gripping the bridge of the nose. pioneer dump a supply source for the pioneers; here, a supply source for the infantrymen who are preparing the road for marching columns. piss-a-bed [Slang] a person who is unable to control urination, particularly during sleep....
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