Not desiring the company of Waymarsh

Not desiring the company of Waymarsh - Not desiring the...

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Unformatted text preview: Not desiring the company of Waymarsh, Strether "rambled alone" in and about Paris. He had given Waymarsh the opportunity to confess that he was somehow involved with "Mrs. Newsome's summons," but Waymarsh declined to say anything. Chad is out of town, and Strether, with time on his hands, visits Chartres, Fontainebleau, and Rouen. One afternoon, "finding himself in the neighborhood" and worried about the effect Sarah Pocock's coming would have on his life, he decides to call on Madame de Vionnet. She, however, is not in Paris, and this fact "produced for poor Strether a drop of all confidence." This gloomy posture does not stay with Strether; indeed, he begins to anticipate the coming of Sarah with lighter feelings. The day the Pococks are to arrive in Paris from Havre, Chad and Strether go to the railroad station to meet them. Strether has told Chad his suspicions that Waymarsh precipitated the coming of the meet them....
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