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paradox an unusual statement of truth through obvious contradiction

Paradox an unusual statement of truth through obvious contradiction

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paradox  an unusual statement of truth through obvious contradiction. parallelism  the use of similar grammatical structures. pastoral  a literary work stressing rural events and characters. personification  a phrase that gives human thought and feeling to an abstract idea, being, or object. Petrarchan sonnet  a fourteen-line poem in iambic pentameter comprised of an octave to a sestet  and rhyming in some variation of abbaabbacdecde. pun  a witty remark comparing words with similar meanings or sounds. quatrain  a four-line stanza. realism  a literary re-creation of life in action, setting, atmosphere, and character. rhyme scheme  the arrangement of rhymes at the ends of a series of lines.
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Unformatted text preview: rhythm a natural arrangement of stresses in a line of verse. satire mockery that stresses human faults and weaknesses. sestet a six-line stanza. Shakespearian sonnet a fourteen-line poem composed in iambic pentameter rhyming abab, cdcd, efef, gg. sibilance alliterated s, z, or sh sounds. simile a comparison built around like, as, or than. sonnet a fourteen-line poem written in iambic pentameter. spondee a metrical foot composed of two stressed syllables (''). symbol a tangible object that represents an abstract idea or relationship. theme the main thought or idea of a work, such as patriotism, regret, or youth....
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