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Rurales  (Spanish) country guys. Sackin  sacking. A method of calming the horse with a piece of cloth. (See the preceding Analysis  section for more information.) Santo  (Spanish) saints' day. Satrap  petty tyrant. Se fue él y la hija a Mexico. Por avión.  (Spanish) He and the young girl fled to Mexico City. By  airplane. Se llama la periquera.  (Spanish) I am called the parakeet (bird). Selvedge  also selvage, a woven edge. Sí por favor  (Spanish) Yes, please. Sí. Ladrones muy famosos. Bandoleros.  (Spanish) Yes. Very famous robbers. Bandits. Sí. Por el día, no más.  (Spanish) Yes. For the day, no more.
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Unformatted text preview: Sí. Si no me lo digas. (Spanish) Yes. If you don't tell me. Sí. Tu pistola. Todas tus cosas. Y las de tu compadre. (Spanish) Yes. Your pistol. All your things. And those of your friend. Sideline a method of tying up the horses to make them stop kicking and bucking (see the preceding Analysis section). sideoats grama a short pasture grass that is very resilient and makes decent nutrition for cattle and horses. Siéntate. Hay tiempo. (Spanish) Sit. There is time. Soldadera (Spanish) female soldier....
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