schnapps any strong alcoholic liquor

schnapps any strong alcoholic liquor - combatants that...

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schnapps  any strong alcoholic liquor. second sight  the hypothesized ability to see things not physically present or to foretell events;  clairvoyance. shell-shock  a psychological condition characterized by anxiety, irritability, depression, etc., often  occurring after prolonged combat in warfare. skat  a card game for three people, played with thirty-two cards. skittle-alley  a narrow expanse of lawn where players roll a wooden ball at a tight arrangement of  ninepins. Soldiers' Home  a recreation center, similar to the American U.S.O. Somme  a river in northern France, which flows past Amiens, where both sides battled in 1916 and  then again in 1918. The first battle, costing a million lives, was a Pyrrhic victory, with so much loss to 
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Unformatted text preview: combatants that neither could claim advantage. Stations of the Cross a series of fourteen crosses, as along the walls of a church, typically placed above representations of the stages of Jesus' final sufferings and of his death and burial, visited in succession as a devotional exercise. The foreboding image connects Paul's wartime sufferings with Christ's final days. stickle-backs small, bony fishes with two to eleven sharp spines in front of the dorsal fin. storm-troops the first wave of the infantry assault. tea-cosy a knitted or padded cover placed over a teapot to keep the contents hot. territorial a volunteer home guard....
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