So all of John Grady

So all of John Grady - So all of John Grady's Mexican...

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Unformatted text preview: So all of John Grady's Mexican adventures have resulted in him being an outcast again. Was it not enough that John Grady was cast out from his own family ranch after his grandfather's death? Now he has to endure leaving another beloved landscape. He takes the stallion on a day's ride across the property, just as he had taken a last ride with Redbo on the Texas ranch. But here, in Chapter IV, the images are even more onerous: the dead colt being eaten by buzzards, the cabin that has some kind of spooky spirit that bothers the horse ("There was a strange air to the place. As of some site where life had not succeeded."). Is John Grady's destiny to fail as those before him failed? But although sadness and loss pervade this chapter, goodwill is also a strong force We see that goodwill in the children who share lunch with John Grady and try to advise him on how to win...
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