Some of the dates listed below are provided quite differently in the novel

Some of the dates listed below are provided quite differently in the novel

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Some of the dates listed below are provided quite differently in the novel; most, however, have been  deduced by comparisons between events whose dates are known and events whose dates are not  known. For example, the novel does not state when Jack Burden was born, but it does indicate that  he was twenty-one in 1918; thus, he must have been born in 1897. In the following chronology, a  question mark (?) beside a date indicates that no sure means of determining the exact date can be  found in the novel. 1829?  Cass Mastern is born. 1848?  Gilbert Mastern takes charge of his brother and sister. 1849?  Cass Mastern is given charge of a plantation. 1851  Cass Mastern begins college in Lexington, Kentucky. 1854  Duncan Trice shoots himself; Cass Mastern returns to Mississippi. 1856  Cass Mastern frees his slaves, studies law in Jackson.
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Unformatted text preview: 1861 Cass Mastern enlists as a private. 1896 Ellis Burden marries the girl from the Arkansas mill town. 1897 Jack Burden is born (Jack's mother and Monty Irwin have been lovers for at least nine months). 1903 Ellis Burden leaves his wife and child. 1907 Judge Irwin mortgages his property. 1910 Judge Irwin pays part of the mortgage. 1912 Judge Irwin fails to meet his interest payments. 1914 Foreclosure proceedings begin in March; Judge Irwin marries Mabel Carruthers; Judge Irwin pays the mortgage in full in May. 1915 Judge Irwin resigns as State Attorney General and becomes counsel for the American Electric Power Company; Jack Burden begins college in the fall. 1918 Jack, twenty-one, falls in love with Anne Stanton, seventeen....
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