Strether - Strether Maria and Waymarsh dine together that...

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Unformatted text preview: Strether, Maria, and Waymarsh dine together that evening, and Strether decides "that Waymarsh would quite fail . . . on whatever degree of acquaintance, to profit by her." After the trio takes a stroll through the moonlight, the two men go to their rooms, but Strether is restless and wanders about the grounds until a late hour. Waymarsh cannot sleep either, and the two meet at midnight to speak at length. Waymarsh is of striking appearance with a "large handsome head and a large sallow seamed face," thick loose hair, and dark sooty eyes. He is bearded. The overall impression is that of "some great national worthy of the earlier part of the mid-century." Despite this, however, Waymarsh appears melancholic and depressed; he has been in Europe for three months for his health, to escape a "general nervous collapse." Waymarsh is disappointed in his travels, and he complains to Strether that, despite the "pretty places...
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