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Strether goes to Sarah

Strether goes to Sarah - Strether goes to Sarah's hotel and...

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Unformatted text preview: Strether goes to Sarah's hotel, and though the servant admits him to her apartment, he sees no one in the room. His attention is directed to a table on which sits an unopened letter from Mrs. Newsome. "It had altogether such an effect upon him as made him for a few minutes stand still and breathe low." He realizes that even though Sarah is keeping him in the dark about her mother's thoughts, Mrs. Newsome is indeed corresponding with her daughter on a grand style. His thoughts are interrupted when he notices a figure on the balcony. It is Mamie, and when she finally turns, she says, rather disappointedly, "Oh I thought you were Mr. Bilham!" During their conversation, Strether is certain that Mamie is actually on Chad's side, though they skirt actual mention of the situation. Mamie has visited the de Vionnets and "abounded in praise of them." When mention of the situation....
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