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Symbolism - "It is not fear""Thirty-two...

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Symbolism "The national feeling of the tommy resolves itself into this — here he is." "I pass over the bridge, I look right and left; the water is as full of weeds as ever." Foreshadowing "'I can sleep enough later,' she says. . . . Her face is a white gleam in the darkness." "On the landing I stumble over my pack, which lies there already made up because I have to leave  early in the morning." Doggerel "Give 'em all the same grub and all the same pay." "And the war would be over and done in a day." Short utterances
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Unformatted text preview: "It is not fear." "Thirty-two men." "Life is short." Cause and effect "Our faces are neither paler nor more flushed than usual; they are not more tense nor more flabby — and yet they are changed." "They have taken us farther back than usual to a field depot so that we can be re-organized." Irony "The shells begin to hiss like safety-valves — heavy fire — . . . ." ". . . a high double wall of yellow, unpolished, brand-new coffins. They still smell of resin, and pine, and the forest."...
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