That evening at dinner with Waymarsh

That evening at dinner with Waymarsh - That evening at...

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Unformatted text preview: That evening at dinner with Waymarsh, Strether recounts the happenings of the afternoon and his visit to Chad's house. Strether learned that Chad had gone to Cannes a month ago and that Chad's friend, the young man on the balcony, was "keeping the place warm" in his absence. This friend is John Little Bilham, who goes by the name Little Bilham, owing to his small size, and who describes himself as "only a little artist-man." Strether characterizes him to Waymarsh as "very pleasant and curious too" and reveals that Bilham has invited them to a late breakfast the next day. Waymarsh declines, remarking that Strether ought to quit his mission: "You're being used for a thing you ain't fit for. People don't take a fine-tooth comb to groom a horse." Strether replies that it is necessary that Chad be brought back to Woollett, and Waymarsh bluntly asks, "Because if you get...
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