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The staves - The staves"Three Songs""Quaker...

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Unformatted text preview: The staves "Three Songs," "Quaker Hill," "The Tunnel," and "Atlantis" are the weakest elements of The Bridge. Crane's reliance on verbal music has forced critics to use such Italian terms as agitato, lento, and crescendo to describe the pure sounds that gush from his ecstacy. In "Southern Cross," he puns on the name of a constellation and the blazing symbol of the Ku Klux Klan. With "Virginia," he draws on street slang from a Bleecker Street crap game. The three-stanza praise hymn transposes Mary into a secular figure, a blue-eyed woman marked by "claret scarf." In the final refrain, Mary rises once more to the cathedral tower to beam a holy light. Stave VI balances an ebullient divinity with the earth-bound acts of dancer Isadora Duncan and poet Emily Dickinson. Composed in octaves formed of iambic pentameter couplets, the rhythm slows as Emily Dickinson....
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