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Helpful Functions in MATLAB These functions are given to aid you in the projects for MAE212. To understand their functionality, open up the MATLAB help program from the command window and type the functions (using the phrase(s) shown). Functions separated by commas are related, and looking up one brings references of the other. General lookfor help function format for while case, switch if, else home clc clear I/O *“data import”
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Unformatted text preview: uigetfile disp dlmread dlmwrite num2str Vectors linspace *“transpose” – [A]’ Calculations *“mldivide”, “mrdivide” - \, / . sin atan rad2deg Plotting plot figure line xlabel, ylabel, legend, title axis, axes get, set gcf, gca hold close text *“Greek Letters: ‘\sigma’ * By typing the phrases in quotations in the MATLAB search line, you will be able to learn the format of the operation stated by the phrase...
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