Works by Robert Penn Warren

Works by Robert Penn Warren - 1944 Selected Poems 1923-1943...

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Works by Robert Penn Warren 1929  John Brown: The Making of A Martyr. 1935  Thirty-Six Poems. 1936  An Approach to Literature (edited, with Cleanth Brooks and John T. Purser). 1937  A Southern Harvest: Short Stories by Southern Writers (edited). 1938  Understanding Poetry (edited, with Cleanth Brooks). 1939  Night Rider. 1942  Eleven Poems on the Same Theme. 1943  At Heaven's Gate. Understanding Fiction (edited, with Cleanth Brooks). 
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Unformatted text preview: 1944 Selected Poems 1923-1943. 1946 All the King's Men. Blackberry Winter. 1947 The Circus in the Attic, and Other Stories. 1949 Modern Rhetoric, with Readings (edited, with Cleanth Brooks); also published, without readings, as Fundamentals of Good Writing: A Handbook of Modern Rhetoric. 1950 World Enough and Time: A Romantic Novel. 1953 Brother to Dragons: A Tale in Verse and Voices....
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