As usual - As usual Dreiser's irony is potent The reactions...

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Unformatted text preview: As usual, Dreiser's irony is potent. The reactions of the Aldens and the country people contrast with those of the Griffithses and the gentry. The brainy Jephson and the elegant Belknap make effective foils. Ironic also are the implied comparisons between Asa Griffiths and the able and protective fathers of Belknap and Sondra. For the first time in her life, Sondra feels life's grimness. Prior to Clyde's trial, the law, the newspapers, and the crowd already condemn him. The rural community regards him as an outsider, a rich city youth. Finally, to find some peace and quiet, Clyde finds jail a relief. After the autopsy, Mason believes that Clyde struck Roberta with some object and then threw her into the water; Mason is convinced that the deadly object is Clyde's tripod, but later he is convinced that it is Clyde's camera. Although Mason and Heit wonder why they did not discover convinced that it is Clyde's camera....
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