At the height of the storm

At the height of the storm - At the height of the storm...

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Unformatted text preview: At the height of the storm, Levin struggles through the forest to search for Kitty and the baby. He finds them drenched, but safe. Fear and relief having torn him from the world of sophistic argument, Levin feels restored by nature and this atmosphere of family love now that the thundershower has passed. As he and Kitty stand on the terrace, gazing into the clear night sky. Levin feels at peace. My life will still be the same despite my new realization, he thinks. He will still quarrel with Kitty, scold the coachman, express himself tactlessly, and feel remorse afterwards. Though I am still unable to understand with my reason why I pray, he thinks, I will go on praying. But my life is no longer meaningless as it was before. Now "it has the positive meaning of goodness which I have the power to put into it." Book 8 can be considered, on one level, as Tolstoy's polemic against the Russo-Turkish war which...
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