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Unformatted text preview: Equality 7-2521's first day in the forest is astonishing to him. His first impulse is to leap to his feet as he has every day of his life, but then he realizes that no bell has rung. The forest has no Councils to tell him what to do, no authorities that must be instantly obeyed. He experiences joy when he realizes that no activity is denied him any longer. For the first time in his 21 years, he is free. He walks with no destination, but not aimlessly; he enjoys the freedom of movement. He keeps walking and comes upon a stream. When he kneels to drink, he stops. For the first time, on the water before him, he sees the reflection of his face. He notices the taut lines of his body and the countenance that arouses no pity. In this regard, his face and body are unlike those of his brothers. Theirs are bowed and defeated, evoking in him a general sense of pity. unlike those of his brothers....
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