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Unformatted text preview: Equality 7-2521 (Prometheus) The hero of the story. He is a man of unbending independence living in a dark age of a future totalitarian state. The state commands him to be a Street Sweeper, but he is fascinated by science and secretly performs research on his own. He discovers the electric light, and ultimately hopes to lead the establishment of a freer society. Liberty 5-3000 (Gaea) The young woman whom Equality 7-2521 loves. She is as spiritually unconquered as is the hero, and when he is damned by society, she follows him alone into the Uncharted Forest. She would rather die with the man of her choice than live in a society where individuality is prohibited. International 4-8818 Friend of Equality 7-2521. Because there is laughter in his eyes — and because, with charcoal, he drew humorous pictures on walls — he was sent by the Council of...
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