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In Alexandria

In Alexandria - In Alexandria Cleopatra and her...

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Unformatted text preview: In Alexandria, Cleopatra and her servants (including Antony's cynical officer Enobarbus) discuss their plight. Cleopatra asks Enobarbus if the defeat was truly Antony's fault or if it was the fault of the Egyptians. Enobarbus answers that Antony was solely at fault, but not only for his retreat. He also erred when he made "his will [the] Lord of his reason." Enobarbus adds that Antony's love and/or lust for Cleopatra affected his judgment; this, in his soldier's opinion, "Twas a shame no less / Than was his loss." At this point, Antony and Euphronius enter. Apparently, Euphronius has told Antony what Caesar said, and Antony instructs Euphronius to relate the news to Cleopatra so that she may decide what action she wishes to take. Antony then scornfully tells her that the "boy Caesar" wishes her to send "this grizzled head" (Antony's) to him in exchange for her freedom. He is insulted by Caesar's "this grizzled head" (Antony's) to him in exchange for her freedom....
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