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In an interesting essay

In an interesting essay - In an interesting essay the...

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Unformatted text preview: In an interesting essay, the critic Lucien Goldman suggests a thought which further underlines the hopelessness of the situation. He postulates the idea — which the play certainly supports — that Pyrrhus, Hermione, and Orestes lack "awareness." By this he means that they have no ethical sensibilities; they never ask themselves whether an action is right or wrong. Their love is an imperious form of self-indulgence. Consequently, Pyrrhus cannot respect Andromache's legitimate abhorrence of his war exploits or her uncompromising faithfulness to her husband, since both are reactions he would never have himself. Andromache, by contrast, is utterly moral. She believes in the absolute value of her principles. She is willing to pay with her life and, if she must, with the life of her son, for her convictions. Therefore, if we are to accept Anouilh's concept of tragedy as the absence of hope ("and then tragedy is relaxing...
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