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In answer to Hermione - In answer to Hermione's question as...

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Unformatted text preview: In answer to Hermione's question as to whether it is love or duty which has brought him to see her, Orestes declares that despite all his efforts to forget her and find death amid cruel barbarians, he has survived and come once again to hear her, more cruel than they, kill him by refusing his love. Hermione reminds him that he has more important duties in Epirus than to talk about love and barbarians, and he tells her that Pyrrhus has refused to give up Astyanax. He has therefore come to try his fate with her, even though he knows it is hopeless. She tells him she has often longed to see him, that she has always admired him, pitied him, wanted to return his love. Orestes understands: Her heart belongs to Pyrrhus. But Pyrrhus loves another. Angered, Hermione invites him to raise all Greece against Pyrrhus if he wishes, but when he urges...
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