In his camp in Egypt

In his camp in Egypt - In his camp in Egypt Caesar is...

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Unformatted text preview: In his camp in Egypt, Caesar is meeting with some of his officers and also with Antony's ambassador, Euphronius. Euphronius presents Antony's requests to Caesar: Antony requests to be allowed to remain in Egypt, but if that is impossible, he asks that he at least be allowed to live as a private citizen in Athens. Euphronius also tells Caesar that Cleopatra acknowledges that Caesar is the victor and the supreme ruler of them all, but she requests that she be permitted to remain as queen of Egypt and to retain the crown of the Ptolemies, the Egyptian royal family, for her heirs. Caesar ignores Antony's request and makes an offer to Cleopatra: if she will betray Antony and drive him from Egypt, or kill him there, then he might consider her requests. Caesar then orders his servant Thyreus to return to Cleopatra with Caesar's answer. He comments that women are no servant Thyreus to return to Cleopatra with Caesar's answer....
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