In the following weeks

In the following weeks - In the following weeks Karenin...

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Unformatted text preview: In the following weeks, Karenin basks in his feeling of inward peace. Now that he freely loves and freely forgives, he finds life so simple. He has a great affection for the newborn daughter and visits the nursery many times a day. Yet he feels the world will not understand him, that something more is expected of him. Though realizing his relations with Anna are still unstable and unnatural, Karenin does not want the situation to change. The "misunderstanding world" for Karenin is best represented by the stylish Betsy Tverskoy who has just arrived with a message for Anna. Vronsky had written to beg Anna to see him once more before he departs to a new post at Tashkent, a distant province. A little afraid of her husband, Anna asks his advice, but Karenin cannot express himself under Betsy's contemptuous gaze. He is relieved when Betsy leaves them. Karenin is aware of Anna's irritation in his presence. His physical proximity Betsy leaves them....
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