Jean Racine was born in 1639 at La Ferté

Jean Racine was born in 1639 at La Ferté -...

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Unformatted text preview: Jean Racine was born in 1639 at La Ferté-Milon, the son of a government official. He was orphaned by the age of three and spent his childhood with his grandparents; his formative educational years were spent at the college of Port-Royal. Port-Royal numbered among its teachers some of the best Latin and Greek scholars of France, but it was also dominated by the Jansenists, Catholics who believed in Bible reading, a personal relationship with God, and the experience of conversion, but above all they believed that man is helpless to combat passion through reason and can be saved only by the grace of God. The young Racine at first resented this religious training, but it left an indelible mark upon his plays. Leaving school, Racine went to Paris and began to write for the theater, becoming intimate with La Fontaine, Boileau, and Molière. His family, alarmed at his dissipations, sent him to live with his uncle, Fontaine, Boileau, and Molière....
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