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Unformatted text preview: Karenin's previous victory at the last sitting of the commission turns into defeat. With full information about the condition of the native tribes (gathered through all the administrating officials in these remote parts) his enemy, Stremov, goes over to his side, carrying other members with him. Not only agreeing with Karenin, Stremov proposes even more radical solutions to the problem so that, carried to an extreme, the measures prove ridiculous The commission divides in confusion, no one knowing whether the native tribes are flourishing or impoverished. All the indignation of public opinion and of officialdom falls on Karenin. Owing to the contempt of those who know Karenin's domestic life, as well as this last blunder, his position is somewhat precarious. To remedy matters, Karenin resolves to travel — at his own expense — to the distant provinces and investigate for himself the condition of...
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