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Karenin appears for dinner precisely at five o

Karenin appears for dinner precisely at five o - Karenin...

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Unformatted text preview: Karenin appears for dinner precisely at five o'clock, and leaves for a meeting afterwards. Every minute of his life is portioned out and occupied, for Karenin adheres to the strictest punctuality in order to accomplish what he requires himself to do. "Unhasting and unresting" is his motto. When Alexey Alexandrovitch returns, at exactly half past nine, Anna chats with him, recounting everything about her visit to Moscow while refraining from mentioning Vronsky. Karenin flatly denounces Oblonsky's extra-marital dalliance, and Anna thinks what a truthful, good-hearted man her husband is. In her thoughts she defends him as if someone said he is someone she cannot love. Anna's journey back to her home represents her retreat from the emotional stimulation she experienced through Vronsky. Her attempt at flight, however, is interrupted by the presence of the experienced through Vronsky....
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