Kitty - Kitty's delivery is long overdue and Levin, despite...

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Unformatted text preview: Kitty's delivery is long overdue and Levin, despite himself, settles into the expensive routine of Moscow life. He attends concerts, receives and returns pointless social calls, attends the English Club to dine, drink, and even plays some of the idle games his set indulges in. The club atmosphere of luxury, peace, and conviviality makes him even feel friendly toward Vronsky. Oblonsky convinces Levin to meet his sister Anna who would be glad to see him. Her position is a trying one, Stiva tells him in the carriage, for none of Anna's women friends call on her. Despite her loneliness, she keeps herself occupied. Besides writing a promising children's book, Anna is taking charge of the destitute dependents of Vronsky's English groom who has ruined himself through drink. She is coaching the boy for school and has taken the girl into her house....
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