Koznyshev - Koznyshev deciding to take a vacation goes to visit his brother Konstantin Levin Nothing is more relaxing for Koznyshev than this rural

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Unformatted text preview: Koznyshev, deciding to take a vacation, goes to visit his brother, Konstantin Levin. Nothing is more relaxing for Koznyshev than this rural atmosphere: whereas Levin, engulfed in the full tide of summer work, is annoyed at his brother's attitude. Farms and peasants and livestock are part of Levin's life work, while Koznyshev regards this sphere of being merely a refreshment from heavy intellectual labors. At mowing time, Levin is strongly tempted to join the mowers, but he fears his brother would laugh at him. Finally overpowered by his desire for work and exercise — refreshment from the tiresome intellectual brilliance of Koznyshev, Levin, as casually as possible, orders his scythe sharpened. Working between two peasants, Levin finds it difficult to equal the efforts of the mowers with their untiring muscles. Swinging the scythe with his arm and entire body, Levin concentrates so intensely untiring muscles....
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