Newman goes to Mrs

Newman goes to Mrs - Newman goes to Mrs Tristram and...

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Unformatted text preview: Newman goes to Mrs. Tristram and relates his experiences with Madame de Cintré. Mrs. Tristram thinks it "is a great triumph." She is also surprised that Newman has gone so fast, and that he was not immediately thrown out. Later, Valentin comes to conduct Newman to the house so as to meet the other members of the family. He warns Newman that his mother is not easily pleased. When presented to Madame de Bellegarde, Newman and she talk politely, both agreeing that each is ambitious and somewhat proud. She is very conservative in her manner and in her speech. She tells Newman that he must meet her oldest son who will not amuse him as much as does Valentin, but who is really much better. In a few minutes Newman meets the Count (Marquis) Urbain de Bellegarde who inquires about Newman s business activities. In a few minutes, Madame de Cintré enters and wants to attend a ball Newman s business activities....
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