On a day in May 1868

On a day in May 1868 - On a day in May 1868, Christopher...

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Unformatted text preview: On a day in May 1868, Christopher Newman was observing a young lady in the Louvre Museum making a copy of a famous painting. He was the type of American who often admired the copy as much as the original. He appeared to be perfectly relaxed and was, at thirty-five, at the peak of his physical health. He only knew a few words of French and asked the young lady the price of her painting. He asked her to write the amount down, and when she wrote 2000 francs, he knew that she was asking much more than the picture was worth, but he told her to finish it and he would buy it. She wondered if he was kidding her, but Newman assured her, as best he could, that he was serious. At this time, the young lady's father, who could speak some English, appeared. The father was the "image of shabby gentility." He had had severe losses in business and had lost his courage. The father, Monsieur gentility....
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