Shakespeare next focuses on several battle scenes

Shakespeare next focuses on several battle scenes -...

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Unformatted text preview: Shakespeare next focuses on several battle scenes. The first opens at Antony's camp, where Antony, Cleopatra, and Enobarbus are planning their strategy. The main issue concerns whether or not they will fight Caesar on land or on sea. Against his better judgment, Antony chooses to fight Caesar on the sea. As the scene opens, Enobarbus bitterly chides Cleopatra for being present on the battlefield. She retorts that since Rome has declared war on her and Antony, she has the right to be present. Antony and Canidius enter, and Antony reports on Caesar's past victories at sea. Cleopatra chides her lover for not taking swifter action against Caesar, and Antony agrees: if Caesar chooses to fight 'by the sea," Antony will do likewise; Antony's valor is at stake. Caesar "dares us to it," he says. Enobarbus objects that this is poor planning, that Antony's forces are not as well-equipped to take to...
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