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Technical Devices - provide us with indelible impressions...

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Technical Devices What inspires literary historians to classify  Anna Karenina  as a psychological novel is Tolstoy's use of  "interior monologue." Each major character, through self-discourse, exposes his inner life by  recapitulating his motivations, his previous experiences, his plans for future action. The interior  monologue gives verbal definition to the semi-articulate processes of a character's consciousness.  Anna's soliloquy as she drives to the place of her suicide is an example of this dramatic device. By his use of stock epithets and recurrent phrases Tolstoy enables us to distinguish among the  confusing number of characters. Anna's "dark curls" and "light step" appear frequently. Stiva's  "handsome, ruddy face," Kitty's "truthful eyes," and Karenin's "deliberate, high-pitched voice" provide  a few examples of this device. These verbal motifs not only suggest points of association, but 
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Unformatted text preview: provide us with indelible impressions of each person's appearance and character. Tolstoy uses many symbolic devices throughout the novel, too many to enumerate. A partial list follows: the storm corresponding to the stormy state of one's soul; the symbolic value of the train station; the horse race as a working model of the Anna-Vronsky affair; the symbolism of the ball and the theater; Anna's "drooping eyelids" as the first sign of her witchery; her symbolic state of having a "double soul;" the "little man" of death in Anna's dream which echoes the ill-omened railway accident. Watch for other symbols as you read. Use the Notes' analysis for a guide as you read the book. Notes are a supplement, not a substitute for the book. The Notes are an aid in the same way that an instructor's lectures are intended to enrich your viewpoint....
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