The Golden One

The Golden One - The Golden One's character like that of...

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Unformatted text preview: The Golden One's character, like that of Equality 7-2521, illustrates an important principle regarding the author's theory of human nature: independent persons form values of their own. The Golden One does not passively accept the beliefs of society. For example, she is not an egalitarian who believes there are no distinctions to be made among persons and that each is the equal of all. She does not love her brothers and sisters equally. Like her lover, she commits the "sin" of preference — and does so proudly. She recognizes that distinct persons are not equal in an absolute sense, and she loves Equality 7-2521 because his genius and proud independence cause him to stand out from the crowd. Because she thinks for herself, she values for herself, she decides by her own thinking what she will consider important or of significant worth. She chooses Equality 7-2521 for her own reasons she will consider important or of significant worth....
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