The morality of Clyde

The morality of Clyde - The morality of Clyde's girlfriend...

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Unformatted text preview: The morality of Clyde's girlfriend is connoted by the name Hortense. A poor girl, she uses males for whatever pleasures or clothes she desires. For the love of Hortense, admirers have committed petty theft-just as for the love of Sondra, the frustrated Clyde will consider murder. Unlike Sondra, however, Hortense is crude and greedy; but like her, she is pretty and shallow. She primps and adores her reflection in mirrors and shop windows, and she employs her sensuous mouth and bright eyes coquettishly and melodramatically. Fickle, affecting indifference, she vamps Clyde to squeeze out rivals. She wavers between disliking and liking Clyde, seeing him as exceedingly gauche, yet attractively refined. Still proud, she submits only to men whom she desires or whom she can enslave. She is quick to let Clyde know, subtly, that she will submit sexually only enslave....
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