This scene focuses on power

This scene focuses on power - This scene focuses on power,...

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Unformatted text preview: This scene focuses on power, its psychology and its strategies. The language concerns politics and negotiation, with the key emphasis here on vantage status. Shakespeare's description of the dispute between the triumvirs as being similar to "murder [committed] in healing wounds" reflects the playwright's concern with the way in which nations are governed, and also the wit with which he can draw back and describe the situation so that we can see the dangers and the emotions involved. The bickering in this scene, coupled with the astronomical illusions of the preceding scene with Pompey, suggest the precariousness of men's fortunes and the extent to which they are guided, often wrongly, by a lust for power. Lepidus acts as a go-between to some extent — that is, he hopes that this meeting will enable Antony and Caesar to resolve their differences. Realistically, of course, he fears that the pride and Antony and Caesar to resolve their differences....
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